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    Loadmaster® X5

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    The LOADMASTER X5 became a great success and Kockum Sonics strengthened its position on the loading computer arena.

    Levelmaster - Level Gauging Systems

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    LEVELMASTER – A complete range of remote level gauging. Through vast experience and knowledge, Kockumation has developed a level gauging system LEVELMASTER with unique features focused on onboard operational needs. Today we are offering a range of level gaguing systems and display software.

    Shipmaster - Ship Automation

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    SHIPMASTER provides a modern and flexible automation platform.

    Insonex - Sonic Cleaning

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    Kockum Sonics has pioneered the Sonic Cleaning business since the 70´s and does today possess the most detailed knowledge regarding sonic cleaning applications for industrial as well as marine applications. The main purpose has at all times been to offer the best solution for a specific application.

    Heatplan - Heating Management

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    It consists of a very complex and powerful calculating kernel that can generate heat loss data.

    Washmaster - Tank Cleaning Software

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    The WASHMASTER software moves the tank cleaning into a more controlled and effective operation.

    EDIRite – the BAPLIE message general tool

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    EDIRite provides a modern and easy-to-use tool for viewing and editing any BAPLIE message. Over the past 10 years the BAPLIE messages has become one of the most used electronic messages in the world. The BAPLIE message is the backbone in electronic container operation. It effectively makes the information about containers onboard a vessel available for the different parties.