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    Navios > 200 m


    Type Power source Fundamental frequency, Hz IMO minimum required 1/3 rd octave band level at 1m, db IMO required 
    frequency, Hz
    MKT 150/90 Air-driven 90 143 70-200
    MKT 150/110 Air-driven 110 143 70-200
    MTX 150/130   Electrically driven 130 143 70-200
    TK 80 Contactor unit  


    IMO Regulations


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    Tyfon signalling, vessels above 200m

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    From classic "honks" to complete acoustic systems A Kockum Sonics whistle is not only a high-quality design, it also contains the experience of more than 1 million TYFON® installations! Audibility is determined not simply by the strength of sound emanating from the whistle - much more is entailed to overcome absorption, distortion and local noise.

    Navios > 200 m

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