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    Absorbent Booms offer a quick and easy method for containing and removing small quantities of oil from a spill zone. Manufactured from oleophilic materials, the booms absorb any oil they come into contact with. This oil is held within the booms until they are removed from the spill zone for disposal.

    BX-105 rescue apparatus

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    Tyfon Electronic for Rolling Stock

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    The electronic Tyfon® horn and amplifier system is a high-performance option on vehicles which has limited or no access to compressed air, such as Trams or Metros. It can also be used instead of pneumatic horns as the electronic Tyfon® is certified according to the latest version of the TSI LOC&PAS. Customizable signalling along with speech/PA functionality makes the electronic Tyfon® the preferable choice among several rolling stock manufacturers.

    Tyfon Pneumatic for Rolling Stock

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    The distinguished sound of Tyfon® is renowned in all fields of high-power audio signalling, and as such rolling stock manufacturers and operators throughout the world have chosen to equip their vehicles with Tyfon® warning horns.

    Sentinel air/foam filled oil containment boom

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    Sentinel boom is a simple, versatile, high performance curtain boom which is designed for use a number of different locations. With unrivalled wave following characteristics and an enclosed ballast, it is a safe and effective product for containing oil. Sentinel boom is available in neoprene or polyurethane material; both options are highly durable and resistant to UV and hydrocarbons.

    8" Flare Alternative (20cm)

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    The Cyalume Flare Alternative 20cm lightstick is used in an emergency to mark out or identify a location. It is a dependable and ecological lighting alternative to traditional pyrotechnical signal lights used by law enforcement and security services. The lightstick has a reflective band and a metal support making its installation easy and improving visibility. For instance, it can be used for marking out the scene of an accident or indicating a location where a vehicle has broken down on the road. Providing valuable assistance for road safety, the Flare Alternative 20cm stick comes in ultrahigh intensity Orange, providing a strong glow. Ideally, this lightstick can be used at scenes of accidents or vehicle breakdowns.

    Wilden T2 metal pump

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    Dräger external pump

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    Flygt DOMO pumps

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